SafeHome Alliance

22 July 2022

A Property Manager’s role is very unique. In a space where you have access to people’s homes and lives on a regular basis, that many others typically would not. This especially rings true with those experiencing domestic and family violence. Victims will often keep any family and friends at arms length (if any contact at all). A Property Manager is required to access a rental home regularly where evidence of domestic and family violence will usually be found.

SafeHome Alliance has been founded by Real Estate Agents Laura Valenti and David Clair, who believe the property industry can make a significant positive impact on domestic and family violence prevention. By creating a central location for information, engaging Agents, Property Managers, and Landlords through awareness and education, we can help domestic and family violence survivors to make an easier transition to safe rental housing.

Visit the SafeHome Alliance website for information and become an Alliance Partner today!