Property Manager Insights with Samara Bedwell

21 July 2022

Which skills are the most important for a successful tenancy?

Communication. With technology and texting, I find that today many of us struggle to communicate verbally. So, I think people need to be able to talk to their property managers or their agencies and the agencies employ staff that can talk to all sorts of tenants and landlords. Budgeting is also important, and having an understanding that as a tenant, you’re entering into is a contract, it’s a legal obligation – it’s not a piece of scrap paper.

If you could give a word of advice to tenants – what would it be?

I’d encourage tenants who might be struggling, to reach out to an organisation like the Tenancy Skills Institute. I’d also encourage them talk to their property manager up front and let them know what’s going on so that we can point them in the right direction, so they can get the right services and support.

What do you think is the biggest cause of at-risk tenancies?

Affordability. We see multiple tenants apply for a property together for affordability reasons, but then relationships or friendships dissolve and then people are left with trying to support a tenancy on their own, whilst trying to work and struggling to maintain the property. From there it all just snowballs – it gets out of control.

What do you want tenants to know about property managers?

Property managers only have a job to do, and they’re not out to get you. The better the tenancy goes, the easier their job is. They don’t want to keep your bond, they aren’t ‘being picky’ at inspections – that’s not part of their role. When tenants and property managers communicate well, work together, and recognise that the only difference between us is the role that we take, then everything generally goes great.

Would you be more likely to accept a prospective tenant that has graduated from the Tenancy Skills Institute?

Absolutely. It shows that they want to be a good tenant. They’re not going to stick their head in the sand to avoid problems that may arise within their tenancy.

“When tenants and property managers communicate well and work together, everything goes great”