Meet our Trainers

19 July 2022
Meet Blair - Tenancy Skills Institute trainer

Name: Blair Roberts
Organisation: Tenancy Skills Institute
Location: Ipswich
Job Title: Trainer
Since: February 2019

Why did you decide to become an accredited trainer?

I wanted to focus on tenants and educate them to better understand tenancies and the importance of communicating – so many tenancy issues come about when people don’t talk to each other! This training position was everything I believed was wrong with the property management industry – expecting tenants to be educated yet there being no tenant education available . This course focuses on that gap, it educates and encourages tenants to be the best possible choice for a property manager.

What was your experience in the housing industry before becoming a trainer?

I spent 5 years in real-estate (Property Management).

Why is it important for tenants to have the skills covered in the program?

My belief is that educating yourself is one of the best things you can do. This program is designed not only to prepare future tenants the skills required to get into the rental market but the skills to improve your tenancy if your currently in a rental property. The skills that are taught can be not only used in a tenancy situation, but throughout your life in all areas. With these skills, I know that tenants can ensure the best possible outcome with their rental future. Additionally, if problems do occur in their tenancy – they will have the necessary skills to remedy and maintain that tenancy. Communication, Rights and Responsibilities, Cleaning and Budgeting are all fantastic life skills and make a HUGE difference to successful tenancies!