Learn what every tenant needs to know to get approved for a rental property and sail through a trouble-free tenancy.

Course Topics

Skillsets for Successful Tenancies is a free course designed to help you secure and keep a rental property by developing key knowledge and critical skills needed to rent successfully.


Learn how to communicate effectively within a tenancy including with property managers, tradespeople and neighbours.

Rights & Responsibilities

Understand the rights and obligations for tenants, property managers, and landlords, as well as where to get help if things go wrong.


Learn how to keep your rental property clean and in good condition. Know how to prepare for routine and exit inspections.


Learn how to manage and maximise your money. Know where to get help.

Course options to suit your needs

Online Self-Paced Course

A great option to learn when you want, at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
You will need a device with a stable internet connection, and a token to commence the course.
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Classroom Course

Attend one of our classroom courses with a Tenancy Skills Institute trainer.

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Introduction to Renting

Join our 2-hour short course. This is perfect for first time tenants and covers: Sharing a tenancy, effective communication and cleaning and budgeting tips.

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Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes

  • Learn how to strengthen your rental application with an industry recognised certificate so that your tenancy application will stand out amongst the rest.
  • Discover solutions to common renting problems and learn how to approach tricky situations with confidence.
  • Find out where to go if you need help or advice during your tenancy.
  • Save time and money by understanding how to get things right the first time around such as how to clean for rental inspections and exits.
  • Get tips and inside knowledge for successful tenancies from a local Property Manager.

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Graduate Stories

Ayden's Story

“I learned how to take care of myself and understand my rights and responsibilities, which I never knew about before. I learned how to look after the house, how to pay my rent, how to take care of the kitchen, how to be a good neighbour and show courtesy.”

Kayla's Story

“The way I’m dealing with my current tenancy is completely different to the way I dealt with my tenancy 12 months ago. I learnt about different types of cleaning, budgeting, and how to communicate with my landlord and real estate. There is help out there for everyone.”

Rachael's Story

“When I was applying around for real estate, I could never get a place. When you give them your certificate, they look at you differently. I didn’t think it was going to help as much as what it has.”