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“We want to create better rental outcomes. When we achieve this, everybody wins.”

The Tenancy Skills Institute aims to create ‘Tenants of Choice’. To do this, we partnered with Queensland real estate agents and developed the “Skillsets for Successful Tenancies”, Australia’s first and only competency-based training package for tenants.

The Tenancy Skills Institute is delivering “Skillsets for Successful Tenancies” across Queensland with the assistance of our real estate industry supporters.

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Why the course was developed

The Tenancy Skills Institute was developed in response to an identified need within our community. Property managers and agents told us that they were increasingly working with tenants who did not have the basic level of skills required to sustain a tenancy.

In early 2017, inCommunity Inc. committed to developing a training package for tenants that would address this issue and create a new wave of tenants – people who were not only aware of their rights and responsibilities, but who could also effectively communicate with their landlords, clean and maintain a property, as well as manage their finances.

By addressing the needs of property managers we create real pathways for future tenants, regardless of their background.

The training covers


Module 1

Learn how to communicate effectively within a tenancy including with property managers and neighbours. Know how to eliminate communication problems and enhance your ability to handle difficult situations with confidence.


Module 3

Tackle the truth about acceptable standards of cleanliness when renting and know how to prepare for routine and exit inspections with confidence.

Rights & Responsibilities

Module 2

Explore tenant and property manager / owner  rights and obligations that exist within each stage of the renting cycle, as well as where to get help if things go wrong.


Module 4

Be a master of your money. With helpful tools and tips learn how to stretch your money so that you can pay for everything you need plus more. Rent is always a number one priority is the key takeaway.

Get Involved

Join us and support the development of the Tenancy Skills Institute in your region, and together we will create the best tenants in Australia.

Why we need your support

In order for the training to be successful, it must produce the best tenants for property managers. It also needs to be recognised by agents as a legitimate qualification that will strengthen a tenant’s application.

Become a guest speaker

This is an important part of the training as it gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, whilst gaining insights from industry professionals. Guest speaker roles can be on a one-off or ongoing basis. You might even find your next tenant!

Register your interest​

If you would like to know more about the program, or would like to become a real estate industry supporter, we welcome you to reach out and a friendly member of our team will get in touch.

What Agents are Saying

“Most agents have the same goal – easy tenancies with open communication. This program will have tenants fully prepared for successful tenancies.”
Katie Knight
RE/MAX Success
“Every agent should be a part of this. The more agents know about the applicant, the more they can advocate for them with the property owner.”
Darren Boettcher
LJ Hooker Ipswich
“Having this certificate is going to help tenants succeed. We are 100 percent supportive of this program and the Tenancy Skills Institute.”
Kristie Sulcs
iThink Property

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