School leavers set for success in the rental market

23 July 2022

2021 was an exciting experience, providing tenancy education to hundreds of students who completed year 12 in 2021 and began their journey of independence.

We delivered the full 10 hour course to six schools across Queensland. We are thrilled that approximately 250 school leavers are now armed with the Tenancy Skills Certificate. We also provided a two hour Introduction to Renting seminar in five schools across the state. The short seminar still touches on vital information for students to succeed in a tenancy.

It has been such a joy connecting with this age group and ensuring they are equipped with real life skills to enter the rental market. Even down to creating a miracle spray to help with cleaning, was an eye opener for many.

In 2022 as Omicron hit Queensland and a delayed start beginning with a return to remote learning was announced, Tenancy Skills Institute fast-tracked the launch of the Introduction to Renting course as a free, live webinar.

“We’ve delivered the training face-to-face in a number of schools across Queensland and it has been really well received by students and educators. Renting is an essential life skill, but can cause a lot of grief if people get it wrong.”

People may think renting is simple, but for many this just isn’t the case. According to their annual report, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) answered over 400,000 calls last financial year with similar questions to those covered in the course and resolved over 20,000 disputes.

The training is developed in conjunction with real estate agents and the industry to ensure students learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of renting. It’s also supported by the REIQ and the RTA.

Tommasini says: “Our training is recognised by 200 real estate industry supporters.”

Property Managers have also shared their knowledge on how to put together a winning application.

“The training will give potential tenants a real chance to secure a home even in areas with low vacancy and high demand,” Tommasini shares.

“For tenants, this training instills knowledge and skills necessary for successful tenancies, and for property managers it gives them tenants who have the skills that they want. It is win-win for everyone involved.”

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