New Renter Resource – Stay Warmer This Winter

5 September 2022
New Renter Resource - Stay Warmer This Winter

Media Release – Stay Warmer This Winter: New Renter Resource Launched by Tenancy Skills Institute and REIA

With both record winter and vacancy rate lows being experienced across much of Australia, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and the Tenancy Skills Institute have teamed up to launch a guide to Negotiating a hotter deal in rentals.

REIA President Mr Hayden Groves said that the key to upgrading the thermal efficiency in a rental home is effective research and communication between the tenant and property manager.

“Most property owners will be happy to improve the temperate comfort of their investment but need the right information when assessing it.

“I encourage tenants to do some research, collect the information and collaboratively approach your property manager with a well-considered plan.

“Some media reports have focused on renter reluctance to request better heating for fear of repercussion. This resource helps tenants overcome this and gives a step-by-step guide on how to best achieve their desired outcome.”

Tenancy Skills Institute CEO, Mr Paul Tommasini, said we teach tenants in our course that communication with your property manager or property owner is key to a successful tenancy.

“Most property managers and tenants want the same thing, a stress free and sustainable tenancy.”

“Negotiating a better heating solution can mean everyone wins. The tenant is more comfortable in their home, and the property owner improves the value of their asset and may add a small increase to the rent to help cover the costs.”

Negotiating a hotter deal can be accessed here.

You can also find out more by completing our free Tenancy Skills course. Enrol here.