Ben’s Story

5 September 2022
Ben's Story - Tenancy Skills Graduate Ballarat Victoria

Ben’s Story – Tenancy Skills Graduate

Ben recently graduated from our Tenancy Skills course in Ballarat and is set for success as a renter. Our Ballarat course is delivered in conjunction with the fantastic team from Uniting Vic Tas.

Ben is currently a participant in a Uniting Vic Tas Youth Mental Health Recovery Program in Ballarat. The Program offers up to 12 months of support to assist young people in their recovery. Part of the program is accommodation.

It is an expectation that all participants care for the units like it were their own private rental. They have weekly unit inspections, and the participants are all expected to present their units in a clean and tidy manner.

Ben has been a participant in the program for the past three months. This is Ben’s first time living away from home and his first time being responsible for his own housing. From the start, Ben was struggling with the day-to-day responsibilities of taking care of his own home. Ben would present his unit every week for the inspection to the best of his ability, but always fell short.

The team worked with Ben around cleanliness and how to achieve basic housekeeping tasks, but Ben was still not able to reach a level of cleanliness that was acceptable.

Tenancy Skills Course Making a Difference

Team leader Lisa, then offered Ben the opportunity to attend the two-day Tenancy Skills course that was being held in Ballarat. Ben was keen to attend, so he was swiftly enrolled. Ben attended both days and whilst he remained very quiet in the sessions, It was obvious he was taking in everything that was being presented.

At the completion of the course Ben stated: “I really enjoyed the course and now understand the reasons I need to take care of my home.”

“When I get my own private rental, I don’t want to lose it, because I now know how difficult the rental market is,” Ben shared.

Since completing the Tenancy Skills course, the team have seen a massive improvement in Ben’s housekeeping skills. He is now achieving a clean and tidy unit on a daily basis and in fact was this week’s winner of the “Best Presented Unit”.

Lisa shared: “I am absolutely convinced that attending the Tenancy Skills Training course assisted Ben to understand the importance of keeping a clean and tidy home as well as the reasons why this is important. Ben is still an active participant in the program and continues to kick goals.”

Congratulations Ben and thank you for your enthusiasm!

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