Andrew’s Story

26 July 2022

After becoming homeless after a relationship breakdown over 4 years ago, Andrew said that life seemed hopeless.

“I was sleeping in a tent and things became hard and I just didn’t care anymore,” he said.

Andrew’s life took a turn for the better when he met staff from the Bayside Housing Service Centre during the COVID-19 lockdown in August 2021.

“The staff are amazing and helped me into motel accommodation so I could move out of the tent and that made a big difference to me,” he said.

From there, Bayside Housing Service Centre staff helped Andrew into the Skillsets for Successful Tenancies – Dollars and Sensecourse, which teaches people tenancy skills to build their knowledge and confidence to sustain a tenancy in the private rental market.

“The course was really good because it’s practical information that helps you be a good tenant,” Andrew said.

“The best thing was the cleaning plan – it breaks tasks down and shows you how to tackle it.

“You don’t let the cleaning build up because when you do, it’s impossible.”

Andrew said the course was practical because you needed to show evidence of your work.

“As part of the course, I needed to take before and after photos of the cleaning work to show that I could do it,” he said.

Working closely with a RentConnect Officer at the Bayside Housing Service Centre, Andrew completed a competitive rental application.

“I was able to find something affordable and in a good location, I’m really happy with my new home,” he said.

“It’s a good feeling to know that you have somewhere secure to go.”

Andrew was supported with a Bond Loan, Rental Grant and a Rental Security Subsidy to establish his home in the rental property.

“I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve received from staff at Bayside Housing Service Centre.

“The RentConnect Officer went above and beyond to help me. She would ring me up to make sure I was on track.

“I got a leg up, not a handout. I learnt how to do things myself and that’s the best thing,” he said.

Andrew now has a more positive outlook on life.

“I feel like this has set me up for the future,” he said.

“Before I didn’t have a rental history, but I now have a tenancy and I’m looking after the place and keeping it clean, and I’ll get a good rental history.

“Things are definitely looking up.”

You can also find out more by completing our free Tenancy Skills course. Enrol here.

Article Courtesy of Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.