Everyone deserves somewhere safe to live, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers equally deserve great tenants.

The History of the Tenancy Skills Institute

Our Story

The Tenancy Skills Institute was developed in response to an identified need within our community. Property managers and agents told us they were increasingly working with tenants who do not have the basic level of skills required to sustain a tenancy. Many potential tenants do not even get a chance to prove themselves, because their application is not considered strong. This is even worse in areas with low vacancy rates.

In early 2017, InCommunity Inc. our parent organisation, committed to developing a training package for tenants that would address this issue and create a new wave of tenants – people who were not only aware of their rights and responsibilities, but who could also effectively communicate with their landlords, clean properly and manage their finances.

The Tenancy Skills Institute aims to create ‘Tenants of Choice’. Graduates from the program have proven competency in the skillsets identified by property managers and agents. This will give them a competitive advantage when applying for properties. 

We researched existing training programs around the world when designing the the course, and could not find another program that:

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  • Focuses on the needs identified by the Real Estate Industry
  • Incorporates the level of home care, cleaning and maintenance skills training
  • Delivers a wrap around response to identified needs of tenants, real estates and housing providers
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About the course

The Tenancy Skills Institute program is a competency based training package delivered over a minimum of ten (10) hours face to face time. The course covers the following key skillsets:


We want to create better rental outcomes, when we achieve this everybody wins.

Graduate Outcomes

Positive outcomes have been seen with every previous student learning sufficient skills to find, secure and maintain a residential tenancy. Of our first 100 graduates, 70% had either moved from homelessness to secure housing or had sustained a previously 'at risk' tenancy. Over 80% of these graduates are now living in private rental market housing, and are equipped with the skills to sustain tenancies long term. With over 200 students having now trained with the Tenancy Skills Institute, the impact is growing.

Graduates who secured housing or sustained an 'at-risk' tenancy
Graduates living in sustainable private rental market housing

Through our program, our team are helping reduce the rate of homelessness in Australia.

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